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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been giving an important service since 1997 both for Bursa and Turkey’s economy. With its 250 Large Firms Research, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry comprises an important source of data for researchers as regards Bursa’s economy.

This research, in addition to putting forth for consideration how Bursa’s economic structure has changed through time, also sets before us detailed information ranging from export to the number of workers employed in the various sectors. Detailed numerical data related to the economy from the most dynamic parts of the city constitute an important basis from which to speak about the future of the city’s economy.At the same time this data can be extremely useful to establish from the country’s economic point of view what was done right and what was done wrong.

Our Chamber’s research on 250 large firms is virtually a valuable framework as it shows where Bursa’s economy has come from and where it is going. By looking at this framework, we can see clearly what has been gained and lost in importance and we can look at the matter from all angels in a much clearer way. I must add straight away that the economic success or failure of the country’s fourth largest city,Bursa will always carry the attribute of an important indicator as far as the country’s economy is concerned.


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