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Research on Bursa’s 250 large firms;

This study has been carried out for the sixteenth time in order to determine Bursa’s large firms according to their turnover.

This study has been done throughout the province of Bursa, and the firms in the districts are also included in the survey.

Related data on the 250 firms who came first among those who participated in and replied to the survey has been assessed accordingly.

Out of those 250 firms, 222 are registered with Bursa Chamber of Commerce, 28 with the Chambers of Commerce in Bursa’s districts.

When we look at the 250 firms who ranked first among all the others and who are registered with the district Chambers, 10 of these are registered in Gemlik, 6 in İnegöl, 5 in Orhangazi, 3 in Karacabey, and 3 in Mustafakemalpaşa and 1 in Yenişehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Out of the firms ranked in this classification, 22 of them did not wish their names to be disclosed.

In the survey done in order to determine those 250 firms, the firms were asked the amount of net domestic and foreign sales (turnover) in the year 2012, the amount of sales from production, exports, the total of paid salaries and wages, paid interests, rents and quarterly profits before tax in the year 2012, other incomes, deficits if any in the year 2012, the total of net assets in the year 2012, the total of their equities, the average number of people who were employed by these firms as salaried workers and wage earners in the year 2012.


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